What We Believe


Mission Statement:


Turning those who think little of God into sold-out LOVERS

of God  through discovery of how He first loved us.


Core Beliefs:


We believe that God is the eternal Creator, holy King of the ages, full of grace and truth.  Therefore, we will love and serve Him first in all things.


We believe that Jesus is God in flesh who rescues mankind from eternal condemnation.  Therefore we will embrace His gift of salvation and share His story.


We believe the Holy Spirit is God, living in believers to comfort, witness, and serve.  Therefore, we will seek out, recognize, and follow His guidance.


We believe the Bible is God’s written truth to transform, teach, and guide.  Therefore, we will study it to be transformed while sharing its truth.


We believe the Church is Christ’s body of diverse members united for His purpose.  Therefore, we will use our various gifts together to accomplish His purpose. 


We believe Prayer is sharing with God our confessions, thanks, praise, and dependence on Him.  Therefore, we will communicate with God faithfully and honestly, concerning ourselves and others.


We believe Worship is responding with loving obedience to God and what He says.  Therefore, we will study, pray, and listen to know and humbly follow God’s will.


Plum Creek Chapel is a church established by The Berean Fellowship of Churches. (The word “Berean” comes from Acts 17:11).